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My Food Inspirations

14 June 2016
I'm a foodie by nature.  Growing up Mum made thee most delicious dinners imaginable.  Nothing fancy dancy, but good old traditional Irish meals like Stew or home made Vegetable soup were just some of my favourites.  On a weekly basis Simon assures me I am not just as good as her yet, but I'm close.  I'll take that!

Veggie & Chickpea Curry

05 June 2016
I LOVE CURRY! I have such an abnormal obsession with Curry that me & Mum are 100% sure stems from the fact she ate nothing but curry for almost the entire 9months of being pregnant with me.  I mean can ya blame me? I probably came out with a panging for the stuff. #curryjunkie

Falling out of love...

03 June 2016
I've been so struck with writers block lately, and then it hit me.  I've fallen out of love with Beauty Blogging.  It even extends to my Youtube channels I watch now as well.  Gone are the Zoella makeup tutorials I used to watch religiously, and in are the Home Styling vids, What I Eat in a Day and Daily vlogs.

New to my stash...

19 May 2016
Things have been getting spendy lately, probably because each time I complete an assignment for uni I feel like I deserve a treat haha, & it's not too far wrong.  However I have countless excuses banked up for why I am allowed to spend £££ on beauty products.  It would make such a cute photo, right?

Travel Diary #3: Rome, Italy

16 May 2016
Rome...known as the Eternal city this is the capital of Italy.  With a mixture of old and modern, fantastic architecture and oozing with History on every corner turned you'll be spoilt for choice whether visiting for 3 days or 3 weeks.  It is still one I flick through pictures I took of often, and am still left mouth open at just how beautiful it really is.  Don't be fooled this will not be a nice relaxing holiday but instead one you will be left rushing around trying to fit in all you want to see as there are so many places worthy of a visit at least once in your lifetime.  Want to go yet? 


14 May 2016
Worry. It's starts with a small nagging thought, which multiplies until before you know it you have created a storm in your own head, making you think irrationally and zapping away all of your energy, both physically and mentally.

LUSH haul

05 May 2016
In a bid to tear myself a way from revision yesterday (yawn!) I magically found myself standing in the middle of a LUSH store with my purse open on the hunt for something to accompany me for a pamper night. I actually ended up coming out with 4 products, but heck its all "blog research", right? right..