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Veggie & Chickpea Curry

17 August 2016
I LOVE CURRY! I have such an abnormal obsession with Curry that me & Mum are 100% sure stems from the fact she ate nothing but curry for almost the entire 9months of being pregnant with me.  I mean can ya blame me? I probably came out with a panging for the stuff. #curryjunkie

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child: MILD spoilers

10 August 2016
 When I spotted the latest Harry Potter book at the door of my local Tesco, there was no thinking required.  I felt all nostalgic, exactly how I used to remember feeling when a new Harry Potter book was released.  No time-turners needed, I was Hysterical.  It's a series of books that has always transported me into the magical world, and one I will never be willing to accept is over.

Nike. Nike. Nike

08 August 2016
I've had one session of PT, so that makes me a professional, right? 

Bedroom re-vamp!

06 August 2016

Setting Spray for Sweaty Bettys

05 August 2016
I've often moaned around these parts on how my skin has went from Sahara to Humid rainforest in what seems like overnight.  I've tried shed loads of powders, plenty of setting sprays and handfuls of primers that don't seem to reduce the fact I have to pat my face down in the work loo's.  But people, I have found a game changing product - one that doesn't make my face resemble a disco ball come lunch time!

A Nail Polish Clear out: What is left?

28 July 2016
It's been a while since we have talked Beauty on here....

So on one of my mad clear outs the Nail Polish collection was hit, hard! I finally got rid of those that had dried up and turned clumpy, but I couldn't bare to part with because I'd probably only used them once or twice, and anything that wasn't a nude shade got passed onto my Sister for her and my Mum to squabble over.  When it comes to painting my nails, my taste in polish has had a complete overhaul.

Bedside books

15 July 2016
Beside tables, the place you can guarantee to find just about anything.  I always feel like you can tell a lot about a person by what is on their bedside cabinet. Which is why I have learnt the art of throwing everything onto the bed when I'm snapping, giving the illusion that I indeed have my sh*t together. Does anybody really?

So along with cups of tea, an abundance of cat toys and snacks that might have been left a day too long you'll find a stack of books on each of my bedside tables.  Now before we get started a little disclaimer that the majority of these I have probably been waiting to be read for far longer than I am willing to tell, or I've started, then picked up a new book and started that instead or heck I liked the pretty spines of and just had to display.

If you look today you'll find 4 books.  A mixture of heart throbbing romances mixed in with a serial killer on the loose for good measure.  1 of my favourite reads of all times sits pride of place The Shock of the Fall - by Nathan Filer.  A heartbreakingly beautiful book covering every emotion from trauma & greif, to mental illness. It's one that always springs to mind when a friend needs a recommendation, and the first book I'd read that kickstarted my love for reading again since the huge void left by Harry Potter ending in my childhood years. #stillnotoverit

I'll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother.  His name's Simon. I think you're going to like him.  I really do.  But in a couple of pages he'll be dead.  And he was never really the same after that.

 You'll also find a couple that I've only recently started.  The problem being, I'm attempting to bite off more than I can chew in order to meet my goodreads challenge I set.  Me before You - by Jojo Moyes will most likely need no explaination as the movie adaptation was released not so long ago.  The second of the two The Detectives daughters - by Lesley Thompson is one from my fave genre. Crime thriller.  It follows the footsteps of a detectives daughter after the recent passing of her father, she finds his old case files and begins to solve the mystery that comsumed every second of her late father time.

Thirty years ago Kate Rokesmith went walking by the river with her young son.  She never came home.  For three decades her case file has lain, unsolved, in the corner of an attic.  Until Stella, daughter of Cheif Superintendant Darnell, starts to clear out her father's house after his death...

And lastly, one I am yet to open the cover of The Birthday Party - by Veronica Henry.  I have read many books by the author and loved the majority of them all.  More of a light hearted, upbeat read that will most likely be coming with me on holidays by the pool.

 Now to go put everything back onto the bedside table, and get stuck into one of these books....